Sunday, 15 May 2011

Experimenting with Materials

Below are a series of documented images of experiments with various materials with the intention of using them to construct a sculptural object reminiscent of a nest in the studio space over two to three weeks. These experiments display obvious actions that I feel could cause boredom for the viewer and will therefore be developed further, however these images are important for they deliver a sense of what is to come, what works and how it can be improved upon.

Below using hay is a nest structure, the material binds very easily but the structure is far too literal for a performance.

Below is wood shaving mixed with flour and water, this is to create a bind and the flour and water was chosen due to it's use for papier mache. I like the idea of using these materials and mixing them with traditional art and craft methods to create a structure. I particularly like the look of the action when pouring the wood shavings into a bucket of flour and water and mixing it with my hands. This action is highly reminiscent of baking, or cooking and I feel it works incredibly well both practically as well as symbolically.  

I used treacle this time to cover my hand and arm in order to stick the bird seed to myself I feel it worked better than the golden syrup both practically and aesthetically. I used two different types of bird seed the black seeds worked very well aesthetically whereas the multicolour seeds worked well as a viewer would be more likely to recognise them.

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