Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Barbara Hepworth - An Artists Studio

After visiting Hepworth's studio in St. Ives I was happy to re-realise my fascination with artist's studios, the process that happens there, to me is incredibly exciting and it's a shame that the public viewing the finished product don't see the process inbetween, or that they are unaware of this. This realisation will allow me to develop my final performance further by making myself aware of the space I have chosen to use as a means to perform and using these process actions, by constructing something live in the space. 

The image below is an important one for I have been thinking about what 'costume' I will wear, I feel that as there are a number of different actions to perform, they will require different garments and sometimes nudity. Therefore, the use of a number of 'costumes' hanging and ready could be a strong attribute to both the piece and the space. 

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