Monday, 25 April 2011

Whats going on?

It’s amazing what happens to you when you write a dissertation, I feel like my skills as a writer aren’t what I thought they were cracked up to be but my confusion or even void regarding my arts practice is beginning to be resolved. It seems like I know more about why I am in interested in these things, ideas and objects, such as nature, animal, death and abjection. It’s all come back in one full circle for me to realise that I’m doing the same thing I’ve always done, but have opened my mind to a number of different avenues and recently that has meant using more primitive actions to create an understanding of housewife type roles towards the spectator(s).
I have decided that as a result of me working in this primitive way that the work in the end began to move off subject and towards simply primitiveness and had less and less to do with traditional woman roles. Concentrating on ‘traditional woman roles’ rather than the ‘house wife’ I feel will help me to develop my work further, for it seems that this term may have actually caused the work to almost come to a dead end.
Looking at these traditions it will allow the work to open up to new ideas from both myself and the viewer. Having said that my work at the moment has moved away from the woods as a location and back into the studio. I have been looking into the idea of constructing as an action, for whilst concentrating on working outdoors and being one with nature I became interested in the similarities between animals and humans and their living habits. For instance a bird takes as much pride in creating a comfortable living space as a human being does and importantly these characteristics of continuously adding to the home, making it better (comfortable) and safe for themselves and children is incredibly similar. It is this that has intrigued me and will be the starting processes of my final investigation as part of my degree. I am hoping that by creating structures I will also be able to move back to working with duration and live works as well as incorporating my investigations from my research paper on photography and the issues that documenting such works can have. At the moment I am working with two video cameras, one I hold whilst performing and the other records the work in its entirety.

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