Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Plucking Pheasants

Yesterday my partner collected some birds and rabbits from Brian from NOBs for me in order that I can work with them in front of the camera. I began this evening by setting up a still life view with the help of my partner as I wanted us both to work together for a piece. He took the female pheasant and I the male and we each began the process of preparing the birds. We began my plucking them and then moved on to cutting and removing the insides in order for them to be ready to cook. Once I got to the stage of cutting the wings off I found them incredibly tough, in fact the whole process was far more strenuous than expected, I knew it would be difficult but didn’t expect the strength needed. Or perhaps I’m just not very strong. So, as the piece progressed I needed to silently ask for assistance from my partner, which can only add to the piece. I shall have to look at the footage and go from there.
Here are some images photographed, video stills to come:

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